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The note below comes from a chain of many conversations here in the office about saving America and the American dream.

My grandfather used to tell me “Don’t go faster than you want to fall”. I had just gotten my first motor bike (motorcycle) and I wanted to pop wheeleys and spin doughnuts on the dirt road in front of our house.

He has since passed, yet those ole sayings and genuine love remains with me today,

For hours upon hours I would listen to the old people talk about the “good ole days” and how things have changed. NOT FAIR, I think at times, cuz these days should be my “Good ole days”. Days when I could lock the door to my office, at the end of the day, and feel as if I had ‘made a difference’ somehow, is what I wish. Imagine in my mind that I feel ‘just as good inside as I did when I got my first motorcycle and could not wait to pop a wheelie’.’

We became an authorized by HP not long back. I had that wheelie popping feeling then. Here we were, getting our paper roll end cap w wide_format_papersnew wheels, in a manner of speaking, More products with more potential to ‘make a difference’ yet, as I see information on the web of these bigger than life looking companies that sell ALL this HUGE amount of HP paper I realized that these other companies were not American Companies. They tried to look like American Companies, they even position their websites to look as if they are in America, yet the reality is that they use the net to get into America, bottom out the price of the product (make the quick sell) then disappear.

On one had it can be good for our business because once the US purchaser gets swindled by one of these overseas paper tigers; they tend to ‘reach out to us’ for American Support to their Paper Rolls Media needs. Yet, this entire process does not settle well for the miss informed citizen who purchased a promise of Premium Paper. Not only is money lost for the buyer, it is money lost for their community and family.

Here are some things to consider if you are looking around for plotter paper cad inkjet media:

  1. One, if the product is coming from overseas it is a high probability that it was not made in America.

Just because you see an American name on the product does not mean that it is an American product

2. Two, even if you get a promise on the other end of an email saying that ‘product is new and good’, please, also consider the scrapes rips and tears of such a long distance in shipping. You want your product to arrive as if it just came from the paper mill, not from a street fight.

3. Watch out for shipping charges (this is true on anything you buy on the web) How good is a deal if you purchase it for $20.00 then find out you have to pay $20.00 in shipping charges also.

Why not just build a relationship with someone you can always talk to. Consider to be the one that keeps your money in America to do good American things for other American families. This note is not meant to give any disrespect for other countries, NOT at all, not in the least, that is not what this thought is about. It is a note of encouragement to you. Make a pledge to purchase all your household, office items from American companies. These are our ‘good ole days’. Put your investment into them as you pledge to buy from American Owned companies.

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steve A.

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