Answers about Large Format Printing Paper Sizes Inks & Mysteries

How can I use clear film on the HP Designjet 700, 800,500, 2000, or 3000 printer?
These printers have an optical sensor that can not sense the clear film. A white paper interleave is required for the printer to sense the edge of the clear film.

What most affects image quality?
There numerous factors that affect image quality among these are but not limited to separation of the process ink colors of cyan, magenta and yellow as well as black; coated or non coated media; ink level; print resolution; image line edge; grayscale response and image permanence.

How can I get maximum durability from my inkjet print?
The maximum image life can be obtained by using pigment inks with a recommended media. To further extend the life use a UV laminate.

Can dye based inks be used on outdoor media?
Yes you can but the image life will fade quicker. To extend the image life use a laminate.

What are the differences between cast vinyl, calendared vinyl and scrim vinyl?
Cast vinyl is made by a process of pouring liquid vinyl into a mold to a desired thickness and let it harden. Calendared vinyl is a process by squeezing vinyl material between two pressurized rollers to the thickness desired. Cast vinyl is more expensive but also dimensionally more stable. Most vinyl media is calendared vinyl. Scrim vinyl is actually two materials (the vinyl) and the (scrim).  The scrim is a polyester mesh which the vinyl is dried onto.  The mesh, or scrim, creates added strength and the higher the fiber content of the underlining polyester mesh then the smoother the scrim vinyl. Calendared vinyl is used to mix with the scrim.

How do I prevent cockling in uncoated bond media?
Reduce the ink level to a degree that prevents cockling. Alternative, use a heavier paper weight.

What is the cause of photo base media curling?
Lack of humidity causes paper media to curl. The environment needs to be controlled between 30-70% humidity.

What should I do if profiles are not available for my media?
General profiles are available in your RIP or on your printer. Find a media setting corresponding to the media you are using and tweak from there.

How can I prevent banding on my print?
Banding can occur by using a media that is not compatible with the printer and ink combination. The printer needs also be calibrated for a particular media. Printer must also be set for the best profile. Banding can also be caused by clogged nozzles on the print head.

Are there any special requirements for the media waste?
Generally there are none. However, it is always best to dispose of waste in accordance to local requirements.

Do I need Material Safety Data Sheets for media?
No Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are required for media. Media is considered an article which is exempt from MSDS.

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