American Paper Creates American Jobs

How did my grandmother make it? She cooked all day, put up here own vegetables, shelled her own peas, shucked her own corn made her own bread.

We would come in from the field (working pulling weeds in the crops, plowing land, bailing hay) for lunch, hot, hungry, wishing it was Saturday night already and she would serve a meal of home peas, butter beans, fresh meat with home-made bread. Today, as I look back comparing my own family of today to the house hold she strived for, I realize she had nothing, yet, she had everything. Like a miracle she could feed a table of 6. Now, years later, I realize what a small stove and little space available she had; limited amount of food choices she had to work with, however, she pulled together more than enough for us; often some food left over.

America was doing the same: Making so much with so little. Paper Mills became one of America’s solid industries as we employed Americans, setting standards in the paper industry in quality then moving them higher as technology grew. The first thing I realized about the paper industry, as a boy, was that my grandfather had planted trees to be sold in 30 years or less as pulp wood and then to the paper mill.

Over the past 40 years American Paper industry has almost taken the back seat to ‘top of mind awareness’ in those Americans that need paper for their wide-format printer or copier. (purchasing American Made Wide-Format Paper keeps your money here in America and creates American Jobs) Perhaps we have forgotten to buy American products because as we grew up in America from children to adults we didn’t see commercials on our living room t.v. with a cute song jingle and thousands of Americans on a hill in a green field holding hands and singing “I’d like to teach the world to sing, in perfect harmony…” about paper products made in USA.

For over 128 years we, America, has been rolling out paper roll after wide format paper roll and setting standards for the globe. Dietzgen was the first to organize and implement quality roll standards that allowed the rest of the world to print banners, life size posters and building plans for the future. I know if my grandfather did not have the choice to plant trees for America on his American soil and get paid American dollars for doing it then I, and my family, may not have been able to triumph the cause of encouraging others to keep our money here at home in the good ole United States of America and use, buy, choose American paper products. Employ America buy purchasing American products.  I’d like to teach the world to sing…
(I miss my Grandparents much!!!!)  steve A.

Purchasing American paper creates American jobs. Here is some information you may wish to look over.


Have you heard these statements before?

“I will have to void the warranty on your equipment because you’re not using the equipment manufacturer’s brand of supplies,” or “I will have to charge you for the service call because you’re not using the equipment manufacturer’s brand of supplies.” Tell them it is not legal!

Tell your rep.
Tell your rep it can be illegal to force the owner of equipment to use only the equipment manufacturer’s brand of supplies. To make this requirement can be a violation of the Sherman and Clay Anti-trust Acts.

Don’t be Intimidated!
Don’t be intimidated by sales and service reps. Let them know that an equipment manufacturer cannot legally require, either in writing or orally, that an equipment owner or lessee, like you, exclusively purchase supplies, or any other products, from them. In order to make this kind of requirement legal, they must conclusively demonstrate and prove that other brands are incompatible with their equipment.
Show them this statement.

Show this statement to anyone who insists on voiding a warranty or charging you for a service call because they found that you were not using the equipment manufacturer’s brand of product. Protect your right of choice.

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