Wide Format Paper…how it began…

  Our Paper Made in America began over 100 years ago; Eugene Dietzgen founded his own engineering supply house which served as both a dealership and a manufacturers’ representative in Chicago, Illinois. We still sell his product today, and specialize in the fitting and manufacturing of paper from American Mills across our Great Country. Today, in the paper industry ‘American Wide Format Paper and Media’ has a world respect with a rock solid reputation. We have bonded relationships with customers; Americans who have been using our American Made paper products and passing the trade secrets from generation to generation.

Celebrating 130 years of American Wide Format Mill Paper; Summit  / Wide-Format-Paper.com

American Architects and Engineers have been using our Quality American Mill Made Paper since we started delivering bond paper to Architects and Engineers over 20 years. Some think that Wide-Format Paper started in another country and that may be a reason why to purchase paper that is made over seas. Our money makes jobs. If we purchased paper here in the US it would create American jobs. We began the Wide-Format Paper revolution and have been setting standards, then raising them due to technology. Create an American Job. Purpose in your heart to purchase American Made Products. You have the power to choose. Use it! Choose American Paper from our Mill Families. Here is a link to what ABC news (America Broadcasting Company) has to say on giving our country a chance by purchasing American Products. Dianne Sawyer has been headlining this story since last December. Click here, see more, read more and consider… more ►American Products create Jobs.

In 1885 it was an American that identified a turn-key breakthrough that became an industry for our future. We still sell and support his paper, and American Made Wide Format CAD Paper. You have to look over this abc news video documentary by Dianne Sawyer she started in May of this year. 2011. This is a concept that could change America, and the world, on its ear.

*1885 by German immigrant Eugene Dietzgen who became an American, founded his own engineering supply house as both a dealership and manufacturers representative in Chicago, Illinois.

Amazing how such a concept could grow into such a large variety. Today a choice of Bright Inkjet Wide format paper, Wide format Translucent Inkjet Paper, wide format Xerographic Bond Paper, Rag Inkjet Vellum Wide Format Paper, Wide Format Heavy Satin Finish Bond Paper, Wide Format Premium Color Coated Bond Paper, or Wide Format Recycled Inkjet Paper.


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