Large Format Printing Paper

Large Format Printing Paper for Large Printers is an American animal. Born here in America of 130 years ago it was a printing revolution. Like any medium, other countries have taken their handbags and sown them into the American culture.  Not that sharing technologies is a bad thing – definitely not an evil, however, just in fact there are companies that are not American owned companies that do have a share in today’s large format printing paper industry.
Make it cheaper they will buy it?  Can it be our generation before us that is to blame for putting their money into companies not American?  No matter what our issue is with those before us it is our time to accept our part in change, to stand up and stand out as supporting American made products.
This idea is the same idea that cities all over the great nation of USA have wanted the Olympic Games to be held in their city – the money that is poured into an area that houses the Olympics allows an area to thrive. With money goes jobs. American Large Format Printing or Wide Format Supplies creates American jobs.

steve A.

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1 Response to Large Format Printing Paper

  1. Samantha Spensor says:

    This is GREAT! My company and I will now only buy American Made Products

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