Wide Format 20-lb Bond Paper Roll

Wide Format 20 lb Bond Paper Roll is a Wide-Format-PaperCOM roll that comes in all quality standard sizes (keep in mind that ‘standard sizes’ became clear focus around 2008 and 2009 and since. The idea of standard sizes came about as a result of the tough time America felt as the ripple of economy took a new jump).
Wide Format 20 lb roll bond papers include copies, document storage publications, charts and any wide format printing using American wide-format-paper.com bond paper rolls. The use of the wide format printer and large format printing media has lent a hand to the 20# bond wide format papers to those using the machines. Remember in high school the paper (most often then called typing paper) that we had to print out that Major paper for the perfect grade? Remember the feel?

That is the best bird’s eye view of paper rolls 20 pound from wide-format-papercom Yes, that same bonded 20 lb paper that we used in printing out that ‘paper due’ in school is almost the PERFECT example of what wide-fromat-papercom standard size, feel and print-ability of the wide format 20lb bond paper roll could be today. Keep in mind the large format 20lb roll paper pressed out for wide format printing supplies is treated and demagnetized (almost like the old cassette tapes were to erase them) for quality standard of your wide format printer. It is most important to get the correct large format paper bond roll for your job, and one that is of quality to run on your VERY expensive wide-format printer. Wide-Format-Paper.com delivers 20 lb bond paper rolls that are ‘especially’ made to run in your large format printer to generate the best color perfect, crisp contrast prints you can roll out of your Canon HP

Epson Oce or whatever the manufacture may be of the wide format inkjet plotter printer you are using.
Yes, you can run a variety of media through your large format printer but Don’t get the lines crossed on running any type of white paper roll in your large format printer for it is those mistakes that harm the inkjet heads that deliver the ink and color to your paper page. In this case you could damage a $30,000 printer with one bad roll of material that looks like wide format media paper. Always qualify you are using wide-format-paper.com 20lb bond rolls formatted for use in your printer.

We have heard stories of people running paper through their large format printer, then a section gets jammed in the machine and when all is said and done it has come to the attention that the material which was in the $30,000 printer or copier was none other than….paper made for wrapping meat in a chop meat shop Wrong Paper For Wide Format!!. Horrible to find out all it took was a few rolls of wide-format-paper.com to finish a job, yet, someone ran butcher paper through the machine and sabotaged the printer for any future use. Rolls of wide-format-paper.com quality inkjet bond rolls come as low as $9 a roll at times. Yikes, imagine loosing a wide format printer that cost more than a car. Someone would be hurting – OUCH!

If the job calls for 20lb paper roll wide format 24 x 150 wide-format-paper.com is the paper to use. One box of 24 x 150 wide-format-paper.com comes in 4 rolls and each are 150 feet. Yes, the width is 24 inches and cut to size on the roll for perfect outcome roll after roll. You can find wide-format-paper from wide-format-paper.com 20 lb bond paper rolls ready for your job and processed, pressed and packaged just for the use in your printer. If you ever wondered where the 20lb weight in the 20 lb 24 x 150 paper rolls wide format bond came from or how it was derived that the paper is 20lb in weight then we will talk about this very soon to share insight.


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A quick idea for solid piece of mind during wide-format-paper.com printing is that the 20lb weight is a paper weight measurement of thickness x solid pulp weight to produce the same feel, strength and correct type of ‘developed’ paper that is qualified to run in your printer. Same goes for any wide format color paper rolls, photo paper roll, large format copier paper roll, Mylar paper roll, scrim paper roll – it does not matter the roll YET it DOES matter the development of the roll for wide format printing and use. Wide-format-paper.com is paper which is best for wide format inkjet CAD printing. Just like steaks that are marinated in the perfect juices and grilled at the perfect tempters to produce the perfect steak dinner you will find all wide-format-paper.com media has been cut from the best wood, producing the best wood pulp (NO scraps, lint, sand or metals) then pressed, treated and processed (we will talk more on this also later) for either HP Canon Epson Oce Kip Roland Xerox or the number of good machines that America uses. NO, you should not use butcher paper in your machine.

Yes, you should know it is wide-format-paper.com roll bond 20lb that is going through your large format copier, or wide format printer to know peace of mind your printing job will be at its best and your printer is producing its best. Roll after roll find consistency in your wide format paper rolls because you are working with the paper that is made for your printer, wide-format-papercom

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