Performance USA HP, Canon, Oce, Encad, Epson color & b/w

Performance is best in USA HP, Canon, Oce, Encad, Epson volume and or graphic design prints if Inkjet Bond Wide-Format Printing Paper used is not yellow, is fresh, is static free and if creates less downtime.

Compare to the oil in your car. Old slugged oil may potentiate break down time. Print the picture in your minds vacation glossy color screen.  You are rolling down the last hot road this season to spend loved one time. Just you and that SPECIAL person together as this will be the last time spent together. The last time, that is,  before cut out newspaper coupon clippings become your best helper in saving your money as this years holidays roll in (they are just ahead).

But Wait! You Break Down! Alone on the road with no help!  Statistics do show motor vehicles rolling wide-format-papers-gif-video-hellodirty sluggish oil are most likely to have down time.  In turn, wide-format paper printing is more likely to have down time using older, dirty paper.  Keep it fresh and up to date, demagnetized paper (takes the dirt out) and prints roll FASTER and longer than before.  Allow your work space to be paper jam free.  Get on the road faster. Have more holiday tasty jam fun by experiencing our inkjet bond jam free today.

About Paper Wide Large - Format Media, US Supplier

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