About me

Where did I come from? Me the author?
I went to school @ Georgia Southern University, Middle Georgia State College, Clayton State University and the School of Hard Knocks. Ok, the last one is self proclaimed, ha ha, yet probably the one that is most prudent. To sum up, I did not know what I wanted to be when I grew up and every day I find I am still growing, just not much taller.

I’m one of those miss fits, I guess we all are on some level, in my case my family, both sides, raised corn, cotton and timber to put food on the table. Dirt roads and the sunset lead to our house. We grew our own vegetables and took them to the farmers market in the summer. I remember my uncle, who lived in Texas, used to visit and talk about me going to college and how important that would be in my life. He was right. My mother worked hard as a legal secretary and would not let us kids say words like ‘aint’ …. ha ha there aint no such word as aint….yet today it is in Noah Webster’s dictionary ha ha.
It was in college that I realized I did not want to leave…. lol I loved to learn so I packed up a few degrees, then a few more. Time at school got me few letters behind my name lined up like alphabet soup in a spoon, but it was a part time job at a radio station that got my interest. From that job came a bigger job then a bigger job. As CBS Radio/TV affiliate entertainment reporter, this country boy began to miss home…….I can see I am going to have to finish this later haha

Now 21 years in the paper industry, not including the family timber pulp wood side, haha I am just one brick in the wall of our Wide Format Family and grateful to support American made products one customer at a time.
Highest Regards,
Steve A.
steve A.

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