Buying Wide-Format Paper

In Buying Looking to buy, reading, understanding where to buy wide format paper can be a full time job.  One source that has remained tried and true through the years makes it easier. Wide-Format-Paper-com has that selection you are looking for.  Why end up with using butcher paper as your wide format paper?  Really, it is a true story.  A guy called up one day “I’d like to by wide format paper” and he went on to tell me how he saw this site on the internet that said “Largest selection” and he came to find out he was using butcher paper in his wide format plotter.  Grant it that it was probably his fault that he bought the wrong paper, however, We have actually called customers back when we see an odd looking order for their machine. Buy wide format paper with confidence @

We support American Made wide format paper and that means it is only the Highest Quality. When looking to buy wide-format paper our wide format paper is recommended for HP Canon Epson Ricoh Kip Oce and all brands.  Why?  Because it is a high grade of wood pulp bond tailored to keep your print-heads clean of lint, dust and magnetization. I would say something like, “The US Air-Force, Marines, Navy and Army buys wide format paper from us” – yet honestly that sounds to me like we are overselling ourselves a bit, ha ha, however, it does feel best when a customer finds out for themselves and gives us good marks in a review or on the phone.  We love what we do and could not imagine we would buy wide format paper from anyone else if the roles were reversed.  We just stick with quality. All sizes needed are there and all types (as in self adhesive wide format paper, tyvek wide format paper, Mylar wide format paper etc.)  Please, stop by and get to know us.  Tell us you read this and you want to give us your insight. We are ready to help make it easy to buy wide format paper.

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