Wide Format Papers, Large Format Media and Paper Rolls

Wide Format Papers and Large-Format Media Rolls

Wide Format Paper, Large Format Printing Roll Paper Media and Bond for Kip, Oce, Canon, Epson, Xerox, Dietzgen, Kodak, Encad, Kip Wide Format Supplies rolls for Mutoh Mimaki Roland Lanier copy paper canvas scrim mylar. Also we supply 20 lb Roll Bond Paper wide format 20# bond paper roll inkjet printer paper, plotter and engineering copiers. Wide Format Plotter Paper. Wide format printing papers, wide format media, and all the Wide Format Supplies that come with it.

Our company supplies wide format paper (specialize in HP Designjet Paper, Canon Economy Bond, Xerox, Epson…)

Whew if that was not a mouth-full but really – when one is looking for the right product one HAS to know they are in the right place and could at least start their search with something they could have a benchmark with like 2 inch core and 3 inch core paper roll. Yes, we have almost every product on both – so there are times you may have to call and ask for there is more paper & Media than we could put on the website.

Plus it is nice to have some type of streamline where you find the products you need FAST – and when looking for other items that may be specialty – then call. We have a list of wide format printer paper terms that may help – here is a link to them – perhaps that may help a bit also.

OK – first I, Steve, thought I would organize this area by starting with inkjet. At least there is a benchmark there that we all know the next few lines, or paragraphs in my case, are about Wide-Format Inkjet Media items sheet and item roll. I may use the word large for wide and the other way round also

First it would be fair to talk about Inkjet Wide Format Media as Uncoated, Coated, then perhaps explain Bond….

•    Uncoated wide format printer paper which is processed pressed and then bonded onto very large rolls which are to be later cut out into smaller pieces. Uncoated simply means that the paper is not coated with any material. Smaller pieces are easier to load, unload and carry. Most of 20 lb uncoated sheets of large format paper are printed, cut smaller and used in letter heads of organizations.
•    The coated Wide paper Media is generally coated with any material which is simply called as fiber. Different layers of fiber one upon another make the surface of paper. The colored printers are designed to work with coated inkjet papers and print the content at very high color quality. It holds the ink as it dries.

•    HP Designjet Paper

Developed for the Designjet starting with the 400, 500 and on are even better among all. Quality of these papers is really very high and prints very smooth texture on paper. Designjet also delivers the high quality wide inkjet papers in the market and available in nearly all size of papers.
•    Bond papers such as the 2” inkjet 20lb wide paper rolls are used in inkjet printers. Another variety of large paper format is 3” wide paper rolls which are used when you are in need to work with large size of paper format. These papers are mainly used for media printing, drafting paper, blueprint paper

  • 24×150
  • 24×300
  • 30×150
  • 30×300
  • 30×500
  • 34×150
  • 34×300
  • 34×500
  • 36×150
  • 36×300
  • 36×500.

More to come…..

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